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The annual pool party is TODAY! 3pm to 5:30pm. Food and DJ! ... See MoreSee Less
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Please join us for our Zoom Board meeting tonight! 7:00PM ... See MoreSee Less
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Remember, our first annual virtual Board meeting will be tonight at 7:00PM. Refer to the letter you received in the mail for details. Contact John at JLC if you need help. ... See MoreSee Less
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The website is back up again, with updates. We prefer to share certain things with residents only, so the latest news is posted there, as well as instructions for maintenance payments. If you have any problems logging in, let us know. ... See MoreSee Less
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Charles Bailey

Be sure to go to the meeting tonight! It’s OUR community. What happens there is of interest to you!

I have some great news! There are a lot of things going on in our community, and the website is updated accordingly. First, Crawford is gone. If you have seen, or stopped by the Christmas display on Van Zile Road, you know who our new management company will be – Paul Hayes.

Also, it seems there are some changes on the board. Fresh blood is always good, and it appears the new members are ready go get to work.

It appears we will be getting more documents from the board, and I will be posting them here as soon as possible.

The board also requested I post this reminder:

Reminder that dues for a 2 bedroom unit are $144 and 3 bedroom are $164. If you are more comfortable sending your payment to Paul Hayes, please feel free to do so. Payment booklets will be ordered and distributed in the next two months. Continue to make checks payable to Primrose Lane Condo Assn.

Many residents have been asking why there haven’t been any updates to the website. There are a few reasons for this. By far the main reason is because we simply have not received any news. We haven’t received any Maintenance updates from James Lawrence since January of 2004. We haven’t received meeting minutes since May of 2003. If I got electronic copies of the flyers that are distributed, I would gladly post them immediately, but I don’t have the time to re-type that kind of information. Also, I’ve noticed that, of all the flyers and notices sent out to residents (One of which even used the Website’s Primrose Lane graphic, pictured above), not a single one has mentioned the website. This has led me to re-evaluate the purpose of the website. While I will continue to post and store any information I receive, I believe Primroselane.info must move in a different direction. It seems we have fallen into the habit of having board meetings only once a year. Frankly, this isn’t often enough. I know from talking with my neighbors that many of us feel disconnected and uninformed. It’s similar to these old and proud words… United we stand, divided we fall. I would like Primroselane.info to be the forum that unites us. We should not be left at the mercy of a single yearly meeting to voice our concerns, or to plan what is best for our community. 24 hours a day, this website has been here continuously for over 3 years, and will be here for a long time to come. If you’re not yet registered for the message boards, I urge you to do so (It’s completely free. I don’t charge anyone for anything here), and take a voice discussing your neighborhood with your neighbors. Also, when there is important community news, we email everyone who is signed up on the message board. Also, other than profanity and repetitive commercial ads, I don’t edit the messages whatsoever. Feel completely free to speak your mind.

Personally, I have been very busy running my own business, and don’t have the amount of time to dedicate to this website as I would like. However, I always welcome information and suggestions. If you would like to see more information here, you might suggest this to the board. They are among the best sources for this information. They most likely already have this information in electronic format. If they would simply email it to webmaster@primroselane.info, I would post it within 24 hours.

Dear Homeowners,

I know many of you are wondering about the landscaping at Primrose. We have been hard at work reviewing proposals for the landscaping contract now that our contract with New Dimensions has ended.

We have hired a much larger landscaper, Down To Earth Landscaping Inc. They are a much larger company with the resources and manpower to handle our needs. Work will begin Friday April 30th.

We have also hired a new pool company. Sparkling Pools Incorporated has been hired as the pool company for the 2004 season. They were chosen because they have much better management and life guard support system. There are also many other changes planned for the coming year. The pool will have new lights and 24 hour surveillance to prevent any further vandalism. I will be sending out a notice for the next meeting soon.


James C. Lawrence


We have a community problem. We pay around $100 a month to have all our problems taken care of. We see trash on the ground, and it’s not being picked up. We see kids doing vandalism, and the person responsible for handling such things is not doing their job. Our neighbor’s car is keyed, and yet nothing was done to prevent it. We really should hold these people accountable for letting us down.

Problem is, it is us that has let us down. If every resident here lived in a single family house instead, there would not be garbage in most people’s yard. Every yard would be neatly mowed and look great, and nobody would think of driving on the grass or of parking right outside their door. Responsibilities are very clear when you own your property 100%. Unfortunately, most people here adopt an “It’s somebody else’s responsibility” attitude. While I agree that specific issues, such as maintenance, should be handled properly by those we pay to do so, many issues can, and should be handled ourselves. There is what appears to be an old tire in the back field. I was going to remove it myself, but I was curious as to how long it would stay there before SOMEBODY picked it up. Sadly, I’m still waiting, and will probably just do it myself in a few days.

There has been talk in the past about a neighborhood watch being formed. Well, here’s some news.. We already HAVE a neighborhood watch. At it’s basic level, a neighborhood watch is simply neighbors looking out for each other. I personally try and walk through Primrose Lane at least once or twice a week. If there’s something suspicious, I investigate. For those times I find something illegal going on, I bring a camera to help identify the guilty. At least from my perspective, it has already made a difference.

If you’d also be interested in helping our community to be a safer place to live, please contact me at Webmaster@PrimroseLane.Info. If the response is good, we can expand on the idea.

Also, in the past, I was not updating the ‘Last Update’ date for minor or regular changes, such as maintenance updates. In the future, I will update the date any time a change is made to the website.

Look for more pictures soon in the ‘Pictures’ section. We’ve saved them up for almost a year, and need to organize them. Also, if you have any pictures of our community you’d like to share, please send them here.

We had a bit of a problem with the website. As I really don’t know much about setting up a Website, it seems I left out something somewhat important. To make a complicated story simpler, many of you were not seeing the most recent version of the Website. I’ve made the needed changes, and hopefully you will always see the most recent version.

The Website has also had a lot of additions in the past few weeks. The full text of the By-Laws are online, thanks to some very generous residents. We also have maintenance schedules, directly from the board, online as well. These are in the new DOCUMENTS section. Also, there are a lot of smaller additions and updates all around the Website.

There have been a few changes to the website over the past few days. While we made a lot of little changes here and there, the biggest change is the addition of the DOCUMENTS section. This section is meant for all the miscellaneous documents we are gathering, including the By-Laws, maintenance reports, and statements from the board. The section is incomplete, but I expect it will grow fast.

We also had our board meeting this evening. It’s good to see that we tend to get a better turnout than in the past. The quality of the meetings has greatly improved. Also, Mr. Lawrence ‘officially’ announced us as the community website.

We got a chance to hear from Steve at Mighty Maintenance. The more I hear, the more I think he knows his stuff. In addition to actually saving us money, we are getting better quality service. In the past, we would get the lowest bidder for every individual project. Since the contractor was gone the moment he got paid, our results were not always up to standards. Steve seems to be a man who appreciates quality.

From the meeting, we found out that we apparently did get a quorum, and that the new board will consist of:

James Lawrence
Kelli Jennings
Robert Dangler
Marissa Diab
Dawn Lawton

It still remains to be determined who will occupy which position. We will post it here as soon as we know.

Also, Mr. Lawrence would like ALL residents to be involved. While the By-Laws prevent residents who rent from voting, there is no reason they can’t attend meetings, or contact the board with their ideas.

As I’m sure most of you already know, the meeting has been rescheduled for June 25, 2003. I encourage EVERYBODY to vote. If you can’t make it to the meeting, you can vote by proxy. If there’s a good excuse for not voting, please let me know, as I haven’t heard one yet.

Unofficially, the word is there will be a meeting June 25, 2003. I strongly urge everyone to come out and vote, again. From the letter that Mr. Lawrence mailed out to us today, it seems that we are increasing the number of board members from 3 to 5, which is why there are 4 seats now open for election. Also, as I’m sure you’re aware, the pool is now open weekends, and will be open daily on June 21.

The letter Mr. Lawrence sent out spoke of his hopes and expectations of this community. Personally, I have one hope for the board…. Better Communication. I believe his letter is a step in the right direction. I encourage everyone with any kind of questions to call or email Mr. Lawrence, as it is your right to know what is going on in your community.

We met with Mr Lawrence, Mr Wilkes, and Mr Steve Spano from Mighty Maintenance this morning. We felt it was very productive, and got a a brief look at the challenges the board faces. Personally, we feel the board is trying to do a good job. What we believe is lacking is communication. If you do a good job, and nobody knows, it can create a frustrating experience for everyone involved.

While we learned quite a bit in our meeting, I would rather you hear most of the news from Mr. Lawrence directly. One thing I will mention is the insurance issue raised at the board meeting. I believe Mr. Lawrence didn’t do an effective job of expressing the entire issue. I, and many other residents, thought he was asking us how to get cheaper insurance, when I believe he was asking for ideas on how we can afford the unavoidable extra $60,000 a year. Again, I believe communication is the issue. Hopefully this will be improved in the future.

We also spent time with Steve Spano of Mighty Maintenance. From speaking to him, he seemed competent and honest. We all know that we have had less than satisfactory contractors working here in the past, so this is significant. We are hoping to get online soon a list of projects that Mighty Maintenance is working on. This way, you can see that your maintenance problem is scheduled to be fixed, and when you might need to be home if necessary. Many residents may be thinking their complaints are being ignored, when in reality they may already be scheduled to be addressed.

We were also made aware of the disgusting vandalism on the trailer behind the old association office. Apparently someone took a baseball bat to the sides, and door. The damage is signifigant, and it’s surprising that nobody heard anything. We are a community, and what happens to the common elements affects us all.

Also, thanks to a few generous residents, we should have the full text of the by-laws online soon.